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Seam Sealing Tape for 2 Layer Fabrics

2-Layer Fabrics - PVC, PU (solid, breathable hydrophilic or micro-porous) and PTFE coated fabrics.

The film tapes consist of 2 layers - a non-thermoplastic PU film and a specially developed hot melt adhesive. This provides users with quality advantages when compared with low cost single layer unsupported thermoplastic PU films -

Seam Sealing Tape for 2 Layer Fabrics

  • Better adhesion between the tape and the fabric coating and at the tape crossover.

  • Improved performance over the life of the garment - better resistance to garment aftercare i.e. laundering.

  • Remain soft and flexible after application (because the film itself is not being melted) thus preventing the problems commonly associates with single layer tapes such as hardening and cracking of the tape during garment wear or damage/puncture by seam thread, and resultant leakage.

QHP-908 Tape Sealing Machine

A comprehensive range of tape is available (FX, FU). Please send samples of your fabric or provide details of the coating and we will recommend and supply sample rolls for testing. See Technical Service

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